PATH United: Affordable Homes

  • Maximize Affordable Housing in the Downtown Columbia Plan: create a mixed-income community with housing opportunities for people at all income levels as quickly as possible with as many units as possible. Require any developer-requested subsidy undergo a thorough but-for analysis and rigorous review. And ensure that developers are held accountable for delivering on affordable housing.
  • Expand the current Moderate Income Housing Unit requirement of 10-15% of development projects to apply to all of Howard County, including New Town (areas assessed by the Columbia Association
  • Require 15% of the Downtown Columbia Redevelopment to be affordable housing, affordable to a range of people making, on average, 50% of the Howard County Area Median Income (approximately $54,000/year).
  • Increase county funding for affordable housing by $20 Million a year.
  • Work with PATH to identify and help develop properties with affordable housing, including congregation, county and non-profit land.
  • Ensure transparency, accountability, and long term enforceability of the development of affordable housing in downtown Columbia.
  • PATH does not support the Tax Increment Financing plan proposed by the County Executive.

In the News

Council agrees to PATH ask – Orders independent analysis of TIF proposal

As the Howard County Council reviews a historic public financing deal tied to the redevelopment of downtown Columbia, Council Chairman Calvin Ball called for an independent analysis of a $90 million public financing tool that warrants what he calls a “thorough, independent and critical review.”…

People Acting Together in Howard, a large community organization in the county, called for the independent analysis at a hearing on Thursday.



Great write up of PATH Solidarity Campaign in the Jewish Times

In direct response to last  December’s attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., which left 14 dead and 21 injured, Howard County faith leaders and People Acting Together in Howard, a broad-based community action group, held several  interfaith dialogues as a way  to fight against anti-Muslim sentiment.

“After the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, PATH began having conversations with members of the [local Muslim community] who were feeling uncomfortable and like they were being watched and targeted,” said Jake Cohen, lead organizer at PATH…


PATH on Local ABC station WMAR 12/6/15

PATH leaders working to counter rising Islamophobia in Howard County and Maryland.


Take Action: Sign the Petition to Keep the Stormwater Fee and Join PATH on Tuesday, Jan 19, 6:45pm at the Council Hearing

County Executive Kittleman and County Councilman Fox have proposed to eliminate the Stormwater Fee, which generates roughly $10 million annually to keep pollutants out of the Chesapeake Bay, and instead to take that funding from the General Fund. The current fee helps provide funding for programs like the READY Program (created by PATH, the Alliance for the Chesapeake, and the county), which employ local youth to do stormwater remediation and develop job skills. If the funding were forced to come from the general fund, it could take away from funding for other important PATH initiatives, such as increasing transportation for seniors, increasing affordable housing in Howard County, and improving educational opportunities for young people. Long term, it could also harm the READY program if Howard County experiences a fiscal downturn and the general fund decreases.
Solomons Lodge

The County Council needs to see that County residents support the Stormwater Fee as it exists today. Please sign the petition below to Keep The Fee and join PATH on Tuesday, January 19, 6:45 pm, at the County Council Hearing (George Howard Building, 3430 Courthouse Dr., Ellicott City, MD) where they will vote on this important bill!

Sign The Petition HERE