PATH - Victories

PATH Victories:


  • Over 300 PATH leaders went door-to-door and spoke to 4,380 people face-to-face to help those going without health care get free or affordable coverage. We found 605 people going without healthcare and helped 395 people sign up for the care they needed through the Healthy Howard Plan and other programs run by the state and federal government. This is equal to bringing approximately $2.4 million in healthcare coverage to Howard County for just the first year people are covered. 

Affordable Housing:

  • Passed legislation to protect mobile home owners: Mobile home parks are some of the last affordable housing in Howard County and in Maryland. Home owners own their homes but not the land under them, so when a park closes they can lose everything. PATH passed a bill requiring park owners to compensate home owners with 10 months of lot rent, or about $5000 to $6000 in today's market. This will protect the 14,000 plus mobile home park residents in Maryland living in parks with at least 39 units.
  • Won $500,000 to start a "Housing Initiative Fund" in 2009


  • Reduced bus wait time from 60 to 30 minutes on buses throughout Howard County
  • Worked with County Executive to keep commuter bus service from Columbia to Baltimore from being cut.

Victories in Other IAF Affiliates

  • Thousands of owner-occupied affordable Nehemiah Homes built in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. These homes have been virtually foreclosure-proof in the most recent economic downturn.
  • Passage of the first Living Wage in Baltimore in 1992. This has been copied in over 95 counties and cities since then.
  • Passage of the first Statewide Universal Health Care in Massachusetts in 2006.
    $144 Million for Affordable Housing in Montgomery County, MD.
  • Won $1.22 Billion for Washington, DC neighborhoods to build affordable housing, renovate neighborhoods and improve schools and communities.










Governor O'Malley signs a bill PATH championed to protect residents of some of the last affordable housing in Maryland--the people who live in 14,000 mobile homes statewide.

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